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Severely damaged soft-story building in San 
Francisco after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

A soft-story building is defined as a multi-story building that has parking, tuck-under parking, or open commercial space on the first floor, making this story weak or soft and likely to lean or even fall over in earthquakes. The San Francisco Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance was signed into law by Mayor Ed Lee on the anniversary of San Francisco‚Äôs 1906 earthquake in 2013. This ordinance requires all San Francisco multi-unit soft story buildings to be retrofitted. You can learn more about the San Francisco Mandatory Wood Frame Retrofit Program here. Within the Bay Area, other cities and counties, including Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Richmond, Fremont, and Santa Clara County took initiation in evaluating and addressing soft-story building issues in their jurisdictions. More information can be found here.

NEQE with more than 20 years successful experience in engineering & construction will provide you excellent services to structurally upgrade your buildings and obtain Certificate of Completion for the Mandatory Soft- Story Program.

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