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Arash M Zokaei is the founder and has been CEO of National Earthquake Engineers (NEQE) since founded in 1994. He has more than 25 years valuable experiences in design, engineering, and construction. Arash believes achieving best result on retrofit and addition projects requires comprehensive building codes knowledge and actual construction experience. He has successfully completed construction projects by supervising and running projects on daily basis. Arash believes efficient management, especially on design build projects or construction projects, is crucial to achieve best result in terms of quality and overall cost.

His extensive experience and expertise provide significant values to our clients by applying and developing the building code provisions onto comprehensive plans and working details and specifications, known as CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS. His expertise and experience is especially most valuable for seismic retrofit and addition projects. Our clients may save tens of thousands in project cost and shorten course of construction by half. This is simply money and time saving for clients.

Arash holds a Master degree in Structural/Civil Engineering and is licensed Professional Engineer in State of California and is a member of Structural Engineers of California (SEAOC) , Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).